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What to say when proposing to the woman of your dreams

People usually wonder about what to say when proposing. So normally we all tend to lean to the safe “Will you marry me?” question. But I usually find it so dated and boring.

You are taking a big step, dude! So its time to step it up. Let the woman you want to spend your life with have no reason to say no. So go all out and tell her in more than “will you be my wife” just how much you really want her to be your wife. Make it memorable.

How to propose with a bang!

1. There is no right thing or wrong thing about what to say when proposing

See, you don’t really need to overthink things. Just be your self and let that moment lead you. Speak from the heart. Let the words just flow. The thing with proposing is that if you have decided that you want to be with her for the rest of your life, then it means she has done things to make you feel that she also wants the same thing. So go for it.

2. Talk about experiences you have shared together

There are always some great things you have experienced together. Imagine the first time you met her. Lead with that. Point out the special things that happened that day. Or you can even throw in the awkward moments and tell her how feeling that nervous made you realize just how badly you wanted things to work out.

3. Tell her how much she means to you

If you are thinking about what to say when proposing, then she really means a lot to you. Ask yourself: “Why do I want this woman to be my wife?” It is an emotional time.  Then tell her things that will make her go “Ow!”

4. Talk about what you think a future with her will look like to you

Tell her about the things you will do to make your future rosy. Let her know the vision you have for the two of you and the future that lies ahead of you if she says “Yes”.

Whatever you say, make it count and let her remember the proposal for the rest of her life.


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