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As celebrants, it is our desire and obligation to offer our clients the most wonderful of wedding experiences. Over recent times, weddings have shifted from the more drawn out traditional kind to a more fun, short and relaxed wedding experience. Let’s be honest, most of us have been to a wedding that felt like it dragged on forever!

We can ensure that yours will not be like that!

Guarantee that the wedding won’t drag


Our celebrants are experienced in providing fun, entertaining weddings where the ceremony will be short and sweet and enable time for the party to really get started. Discuss the time frame that you are looking for and we will be able to accommodate, if you want it to go for an hour then we can make the hour seem like 45 minutes. If you prefer a short, 15-minute ceremony then we can ensure that the 15 minutes is used wisely and efficiently.

Basically, our experienced celebrants understand that the length of a wedding ceremony should be based around how long it takes the two loving partners to pledge their eternal and everlasting love for one another through the giving and receiving of vows.

interracial married couple cartoonOur celebrants understand


Our celebrants have a joint view on the meaning of being married and what the ceremony leaves you with. Having undertaken one of our ceremonies means a feeling of belonging to your best friend. It means walking away with an understanding that any adversity felt in life is one you will no longer need to face on your own. Conversely, it means walking away knowing that the joy and happiness you feel from this day forward is joy and happiness that you will feel together. It means an understanding that you will wake up with the love of your life from this day forward and ever after.

Our celebrants understand that you will look back on this day and not look for the celebrant in the photo but look for your friends and family. It is with this understanding that we ensure not to get in the way during the ceremony. Whilst obviously included and present for many vital moments of the ceremony, where not needed, we will not be seen.

What you receive


Our ceremonies provide the following to the happy couple:

  • The lodgment of legal paperwork
  • Signing table and chairs
  • Video camera on tripod to capture the entire ceremony
  • DVD of ceremony mailed to you post wedding
  • Marriage certificate
  • Wedding rehearsal
  • Unlimited contact with the celebrant of your choosing
  • Fixed pricing depending on location


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