Writing your own wedding vows?

Tips for writing your wedding vows

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One of the most common questions we encounter as celebrants relate to the writing of wedding vows. Often couples find this to be the most stressful period of the whole ceremony as they not only have to fight a potential fear of speaking in front of a crowd but also must deal with the stress of ensuring that what they have to say to their partner is uniquely special. Below we provide some tips to help the bride and groom with this most crucial part of the wedding ceremony:

Same vows or different?

The first decision that can potentially make the task that much easier is deciding whether you and your partner will write separate vows or not. Some couples decide to write their vows together so that it is a surprise to others but not each other. This can help ease the stress on each other by cutting the job in half whilst also making it a good bonding exercise for the future bride and groom prior to the big day. However, many believe that individual vows, while more difficult, results in a more special, unique situation and that is perfectly understandable.

Look back on the relationship


If you decide to go down the path of writing your own unique vows we strongly encourage that you allocate some time with your partner to reflect on your past, present, and future. By sharing stories of memories past and what you mean to each other, and have done for each other, you can trigger on memories that you may not have remembered if this discussion was not to take place. Then utilize the ideas and feeling these memories produce when jotting down your vows.

Practice, practice, practice


Having written your vows and comfortable with the content, make sure to say them aloud. Practice in front of the mirror as if you are part of a debate or giving a speech to a large group. Doing so will ensure that you do not stumble too much, and that sentence expressed out loud make sense. Of course, remember it is 100% ok to stumble during the reading of your vows. This is an emotional time, and no one is looking for a performance of the standard from Winston Churchill, a wedding vow recited with crying, laughter and long pauses are the norm!

Seek out inspiration


If still struggling with the content of your vows, or unsure of the tone or flow that you are going for then consult the many resources that are out there to help you. A quick google search will uncover a multitude of vow templates from all types of different wedding ceremonies. Beautiful vows are littered all over Youtube and can provide you with the perfect inspiration to write your own. Don’t be ashamed to look elsewhere for ideas, this is precisely why these web pages exist!

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