international wedding

The pros and cons of an international wedding

An international wedding is the wedding held away from the home town and it’s becoming increasingly popular among the couples from all over the world.
Couples who like to have a cozy and adventurous feeling are especially attracted towards the concept of the international wedding, but it’s also essential to know the pros and cons before you plan your wedding away from your home.

Pro’s of International wedding

Picture Perfect

Undoubtedly, destination weddings are beautiful. Whether you opt for the sun-kissed beaches, European castle or snowy mountains, these wedding guarantees you the unforgettable moments of life.

It is a great choice for couples who prefer to get married at the place where none of their family or friends got married before.

Complete Package

Weddings are not always a great experience but international wedding planners make things easier for you. Wedding planners are the professionals who can give you a hassle free wedding experience.

You don’t really need to worry about small things, you will be given a fixed package (obviously according to your budget) and you just transfer the responsibility to them.

You are just required to pack your bags with your guest and reach to the destination, you will find everything readily available.  

As part of a package deal, many wedding planners offer a complimentary on-site wedding consultant who can coordinate all of the ceremony essentials like a marriage license, cake, etc.

Avoid Stressful Family Situations

Most of the international wedding contains a smaller guest list that assured the peaceful quality time with the loved ones. You can invite your very closest friends and family to the intimate ceremony and celebration or just keep it romantic and do not invite anyone.

Less Expensive Reception

In most of the cases, the guest list of an international wedding is quite smaller which definitely lead to fewer expenses.

Con’s of International weddings


You might be getting everything readymade through your wedding planned but you will still be required to resolve the legal issues that occur because of the getting married in a different country.

Not all will attend

Because of the destination, many of your closest friends and family members might not be able to make it to your marriage.

Not much alone time

Just because of the destination wedding you might crave for the alone time, your friends and family will still be there with you after the wedding ceremony.

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