Is it worth having shisha pipes at your wedding?

It may seem like an awkward idea for some but for others is fascinating! More and more people are bringing hookahs on their weddings! This topic was originally suggested by, therefore, you guys should check them out and their amazing articles.

Why have a hookah at a wedding?

First of all, having a hookah at your wedding will make it unforgettable. Your guests will definitely remember this! Imagine you starting to blow some clouds after you say “I do”. Amazing right? Other than this, there are many other reasons that one would want to have hookahs at a wedding. Let’s see them:

It is inexpensive

You can easily buy some cheap hookahs or you can rent some at reasonable prices. It is definitely cheaper than what an open bar will cost.

Does not require extensive planning

All you need to do is to pick up some hookahs and maybe a professional that will be responsible for maintaining them and handling the shisha! This is definitely not dirty cheap; however, it is an amazing experience that is free from stress

Let your guests socialize

Remember that weddings are all about socialization between your guests. By offering them a hookah to share, it is a form of socialization. Hookahs are known of getting people together chilled and relax. The conversation will flow effortlessly if a hookah is around the corner.

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