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Let’s face it, not everyone is suited to the big wedding with the entire family tree in attendance. Whilst magical to most, the usual wedding festivities can cause some to feel overwhelmed, stressed and may simply not be what they want in a wedding ceremony. The potential benefit in saving considerable expense and merely sharing the special day with a few select friends is often an attractive option for couples looking to take the plunge.

Our celebrants offer the chance for prospective couples to elope and will accompany them to their chosen destination in order to make their day, not just memorable, but 100% official. Allow our celebrants to plan an elopement for you that will guarantee to be every bit as special as a traditional wedding but absent of the stress and the cost.

What our elopement package includes

Our elopement packages offer the following:

  • Lodgment of all paperwork
  • Signing tables and chairs
  • Live version of elopement captured on video including the trip to the location, and the buildup to the ceremony
  • DVD of the elopement sent to you free of charge after the ceremony and editing
  • Marriage certificate
  • Champagne and glasses for the bride and groom

We cater our elopement package for a maximum of 12 guests and there is no rehearsal included.


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