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planning a wedding

Tips to consider when you get started planning your wedding ceremony

Planning your wedding ceremony is something that you had probably started doing back when you were 12, but if now is the time you will have to do it for real, then you must be a little bit stressed. One thing to keep in mind is that with some good planning you have nothing to worry about.

planning a wedding

Keep track of the things you need to arrange and the rest will fall in place. The most important thing to do is create a schedule for yourself and whoever else is in with you and stay on track the whole time. Just like with all the other things in your life.

Things to keep in mind when planning your wedding ceremony


The first thing you have to take into consideration is how much budget you can allocate to the ceremony itself. Count down your money before attempting to schedule anything else!


This is where the biggest part of your budget will go to. The venue doesn’t need to be something extravagant but it for sure need to fit all the guests inside. Making the venue beautiful will come with other expenses as well, but the venue has to come with food first.


Planning your wedding ceremony has to also include something for your guest. At least some form of snacks or food should be offered to the people coming to the ceremony. Food and drinks are imperative for any social gatherings and you have to think about whether the venue offers food, or whether you should take caterers into consideration.


Once you figure out your budget you will have to think about what style you would like your wedding to be. Classic, modern, minimal, rich – every wedding has a different style, and every style can be unique or replicated. You can try and search for styles from past weddings online and figure out the cost as much as possible before hand, and then try and find your decorations for the venue yourself.

No stress!

Planning your wedding ceremony does not have to be a stressful procedure, our advice is to have fun with it!

international wedding

The pros and cons of an international wedding

An international wedding is the wedding held away from the home town and it’s becoming increasingly popular among the couples from all over the world.
Couples who like to have a cozy and adventurous feeling are especially attracted towards the concept of the international wedding, but it’s also essential to know the pros and cons before you plan your wedding away from your home.

Pro’s of International wedding

Picture Perfect

Undoubtedly, destination weddings are beautiful. Whether you opt for the sun-kissed beaches, European castle or snowy mountains, these wedding guarantees you the unforgettable moments of life.

It is a great choice for couples who prefer to get married at the place where none of their family or friends got married before.

Complete Package

Weddings are not always a great experience but international wedding planners make things easier for you. Wedding planners are the professionals who can give you a hassle free wedding experience.

You don’t really need to worry about small things, you will be given a fixed package (obviously according to your budget) and you just transfer the responsibility to them.

You are just required to pack your bags with your guest and reach to the destination, you will find everything readily available.  

As part of a package deal, many wedding planners offer a complimentary on-site wedding consultant who can coordinate all of the ceremony essentials like a marriage license, cake, etc.

Avoid Stressful Family Situations

Most of the international wedding contains a smaller guest list that assured the peaceful quality time with the loved ones. You can invite your very closest friends and family to the intimate ceremony and celebration or just keep it romantic and do not invite anyone.

Less Expensive Reception

In most of the cases, the guest list of an international wedding is quite smaller which definitely lead to fewer expenses.

Con’s of International weddings


You might be getting everything readymade through your wedding planned but you will still be required to resolve the legal issues that occur because of the getting married in a different country.

Not all will attend

Because of the destination, many of your closest friends and family members might not be able to make it to your marriage.

Not much alone time

Just because of the destination wedding you might crave for the alone time, your friends and family will still be there with you after the wedding ceremony.

Best places to elope

The best places to elope to in the USA

Small size weddings are trending these days, people are getting more inclined towards getting married at an isolated place with the presence of hand full of people. Head to a perfect location within the United States to elope with your partner.

American contains dozens of stunning places that can give you incredible experience and memories. Let’s have a look at a few best place to elope.

Best places to elope

Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach is one of the best places to elope in the U.S. A beach is always a fist destination where we usually made our first trip with our partner, and beach can be the best place to elope where you can expand those I-can’t-get-enough-of-you vibes in a sentimental, blustery design. For that equivalent eccentric experience, finish with white sand and blue waters, Miami Beach is extraordinary compared to other spots to run off in the U.S.


Hawaii is definitely the first choice of most of the couples. Combine your wedding function and special first night into one when you pick Hawaii for an experience to be remembered forever.

Presence of exquisite resorts makes things easier for you to manage, they offer almost everything you could ask for an incredible wedding experience, most of the wedding organizers will provide you a complete package that comes with ceremonial leis, a professional ukulele, guitar or violin soloist and a private attendant to tend to your needs.

Best places to elope

Reno, Nevada

Nevada makes it madly simple to get married – there’s no holding up period, no blood tests, and marriage licenses are famously shabby and open. With gambling and debauchery never far away – make tracks for the lovely Sierra Nevada Mountains encompassing Reno.

Outer Banks, NC

There’s something interesting and cherishing about the beach area of North Carolina. Indeed, even in the coldest long stretches of winter, the appealing sound of the ocean will engage you and your accomplice’s heart. Some resorts offer bundles of different ideas and whatever accommodate your party.

Wondering why we didn’t include Las Vegas in our list? with all its chapels and rich hotel choices – is an incredible place to get hitched in a rush. Yet, in case you’re searching for something more practical, where Mother Nature discovers her place close by the glad couple.

big or small wedding

Big or small, what is the perfect size wedding for you?

A wedding is a lifetime event and it can be really tricky to decide whether to choose a big, medium or small wedding. Each wedding size has its own perks and drawbacks, and you need to understand your requirements before you finalize your wedding style. Let’s understand the requirements of all wedding sizes and how you can choose the best for yourself.

big or small wedding

Small wedding size

Few perks and drawbacks of a small wedding

Small budget:

You don’t really require a big budget to facilitate 50 guests, and if you don’t want to be center of attraction of the big crowd then this type of wedding is for you.

A dilemma of choosing guest

Choosing your guest can we quite difficult, we all have family members, close friends, office colleague; and you will be required to choose the closest people for your wedding.

Second reception

You should be open towards the idea of the second reception because there might be many people who will be offended by you not inviting them to the wedding. You should be prepared to give some people a small treat.

Conflict over the guest list

You know that you want to have a limited guest at the wedding but your parents are also very excited with the idea of you getting married and they might be having their personal guest list. Before you make your mind on the wedding size you should consult your parents and let them aware of the idea of small size wedding celebration.

big or small wedding

Large wedding size

There are a few things that are likely to happen if like to prefer large wedding

Large wedding size = Large budget: large wedding obviously means a bigger budget, money management if one of the trickiest part of big size wedding. Choose the big wedding size only if you can afford to pay a big amount of money.

Lack of personal touch: Some time because of the size of the wedding you actually find it difficult to provide personal attention of every one.  

Difficult to manage: they are really difficult to manage, you will be experiencing a few clashes between the guests and you will be required to have good communication before you do that.

Crazy experience: big weddings are difficult to manage and they are a costly business but definitely provide the bigger than life experience, and your friends and family member will be happy with your decision of inviting everyone.

Weddings are one in a lifetime experience for many people and you need to treat them like one as well, don’t worry much about the money and privacy, try to celebrate with everyone you know.

family drama

Avoid Family Drama At Your Wedding In These Easy Ways

A wedding brings a lot of joy for many people, it’s definitely a very special moment for you as well and you surely don’t want to ruin it with family drama. Almost every wedding experiences dramatic situation and the success of your marriage depends on the how you handle the situation. Some couples deal with the situation quite smoothly but sometimes those wedding dramas add up a lot of tension in the situation.

Here are the ideas to save your marriage from getting ruined because of unnecessary drama.

Stay on the same page

The most important thing that will play a crucial part in the success of your wedding is the communication between you and your partner. You both will be absolutely required to be on the same page if you are really willing to have a drama-free wedding ceremony.

Don’t play ignorant

One of the biggest mistake couples do is they play ignorant towards the situation and thinks that everything will happen smoothly, that’s totally wrong approach. Best way to lower down the risk of drama while the marriage ceremony is to talk to the people who are going to get uncomfortable because of the presence of some particular guests, those guest might be the Ex or had past rivalry. Talking in advance will let them stay aware of the coming situation and will drive them to ignore any clashes.


You need to communicate with the guest about the problem and the certainty of wedding gets ruined. No matter if they are your parents or uncle or aunt, talk to them about the situation and why you are worried about it.

Act practical

Once you have shared your worry with the troublesome guest, you can move forward to have a practical solution to avoid any kind of clashes. You can opt to have a consultation with the expert or arrange things especially to avoid a clash.

DO you really need to invite them?

If nothing seems to work in favor then there is no bad in thinking about ‘do you really need to invite them?’ after all, it’s your wedding celebration and even a small drama can lead to ruining all the happiness and joy.

nervous bride

Advice for the bride that is anxious that things won’t go smoothly

Any advice for the bride? When that well awaited day arrives, that’s what everyone asks. It’s usually a dream for most little girls and big girls to have that beautiful wedding. And beautiful is relative to everyone. But the thing that remains constant are that everyone wants to be at their best, feel like a princess and everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect without any hitch.

Every bride-to-be feels the pressure. The pressure to impress. The pressure to make sure the day is a success. No wonder people run off for the honeymoon and leave guests at the venue the minute it’s done. So how can you ensure that your big day is a success?

Tips for the bride-to-be

Most important advice for the bride? Don’t allow the groom to hold his bucks night the eve of the wedding.

buck's nightYou might be asking, who would do this? I know quite a number of men who are that crazy. Now if the groom does this, they end up looking all puffy and some even dose through the whole wedding or miss the whole thing altogether!

Communicate with the guests early enough about the location

It’s good to make sure that the people you have invited for the wedding know where its taking place. And the best way to do this is through the invitation cards. Make sure that your card has the address written. It also pays to have a map to the venue from say a particular landmark that’s near the venue.

Read your vows off a card if worried you’ll stumble through it

bride reading vows

Weddings can be quite emotional. So one advice for the bride is to have a card for the vows. Sometimes emotions can carry away those words you have been cramming for months. So have your written vows with you just in case.


couple on vacation

What is a perfect honeymoon destination for a newlywed couple?

What is a honeymoon?

Why do a fabulous wedding and not have money to go on a honeymoon? See, for me, a honeymoon is one of the greatest things a couple can gift themselves. If you are budgeting for a wedding, then a huge chunk of money should be allocated to it.

A honeymoon is a period or vacation a couple takes just after their wedding in order to celebrate their new phase in life, which is marriage in this case. Here, they get to leave the “world” behind and enjoy one another intimately and in seclusion.

These days, there are romantic destinations meant for newlyweds. In fact, if you employ the services of a wedding planner, it comes as a package.

Some people wonder. What is a honeymoon and why is it so important? Well, Its important for a couple to go on a honeymoon because it’s usually a nice breather after all the stresses of wedding planning and the wedding itself. Plus, if you are planning to have kids sooner, then you better take this time off for yourselves.

So what are the best places to go on a honeymoon?

Now, if you ask me, there is nothing as the best place. The perfect honeymoon destination is the place where a newlywed couple can enjoy themselves fully and just celebrate their love. It doesn’t really matter where you go. So long as you are in the company of your new partner then everything should be fine.

Some of the best places are tropical locations

If you are in the US, people automatically think Florida. And one of the places is Fort Lauderdale. How can you separate romantic from the oceanfront? Your toes will literally be in the sand. Here, you will get to enjoy the casual mojo-pork tacos as you sip some cold draft beer. Now that’s relaxation…

Jamaica! Jamaica! You will definitely have an experience of a lifetime. Life is pretty easy here. Here are some spots you can check out: Royalton Negril – they have an adult-only option. Then there is the adults-only Breathless Montenegro Bay and Resort where you and your new love can get pampered.

If you are the kind of couple that is active and loves the outdoors, then how about hopping on a plane to New Zealand? Word has it that it got some of the best camping spots. Plus they have extreme adventure packages available.

What is a honeymoon again? Where newlyweds can enjoy each other’s company together!

Writing your own wedding vows?

Tips for writing your wedding vows

couple eloping to the beach

One of the most common questions we encounter as celebrants relate to the writing of wedding vows. Often couples find this to be the most stressful period of the whole ceremony as they not only have to fight a potential fear of speaking in front of a crowd but also must deal with the stress of ensuring that what they have to say to their partner is uniquely special. Below we provide some tips to help the bride and groom with this most crucial part of the wedding ceremony:

Same vows or different?

The first decision that can potentially make the task that much easier is deciding whether you and your partner will write separate vows or not. Some couples decide to write their vows together so that it is a surprise to others but not each other. This can help ease the stress on each other by cutting the job in half whilst also making it a good bonding exercise for the future bride and groom prior to the big day. However, many believe that individual vows, while more difficult, results in a more special, unique situation and that is perfectly understandable.

Look back on the relationship


If you decide to go down the path of writing your own unique vows we strongly encourage that you allocate some time with your partner to reflect on your past, present, and future. By sharing stories of memories past and what you mean to each other, and have done for each other, you can trigger on memories that you may not have remembered if this discussion was not to take place. Then utilize the ideas and feeling these memories produce when jotting down your vows.

Practice, practice, practice


Having written your vows and comfortable with the content, make sure to say them aloud. Practice in front of the mirror as if you are part of a debate or giving a speech to a large group. Doing so will ensure that you do not stumble too much, and that sentence expressed out loud make sense. Of course, remember it is 100% ok to stumble during the reading of your vows. This is an emotional time, and no one is looking for a performance of the standard from Winston Churchill, a wedding vow recited with crying, laughter and long pauses are the norm!

Seek out inspiration


If still struggling with the content of your vows, or unsure of the tone or flow that you are going for then consult the many resources that are out there to help you. A quick google search will uncover a multitude of vow templates from all types of different wedding ceremonies. Beautiful vows are littered all over Youtube and can provide you with the perfect inspiration to write your own. Don’t be ashamed to look elsewhere for ideas, this is precisely why these web pages exist!