big or small wedding

Big or small, what is the perfect size wedding for you?

A wedding is a lifetime event and it can be really tricky to decide whether to choose a big, medium or small wedding. Each wedding size has its own perks and drawbacks, and you need to understand your requirements before you finalize your wedding style. Let’s understand the requirements of all wedding sizes and how you can choose the best for yourself.

big or small wedding

Small wedding size

Few perks and drawbacks of a small wedding

Small budget:

You don’t really require a big budget to facilitate 50 guests, and if you don’t want to be center of attraction of the big crowd then this type of wedding is for you.

A dilemma of choosing guest

Choosing your guest can we quite difficult, we all have family members, close friends, office colleague; and you will be required to choose the closest people for your wedding.

Second reception

You should be open towards the idea of the second reception because there might be many people who will be offended by you not inviting them to the wedding. You should be prepared to give some people a small treat.

Conflict over the guest list

You know that you want to have a limited guest at the wedding but your parents are also very excited with the idea of you getting married and they might be having their personal guest list. Before you make your mind on the wedding size you should consult your parents and let them aware of the idea of small size wedding celebration.

big or small wedding

Large wedding size

There are a few things that are likely to happen if like to prefer large wedding

Large wedding size = Large budget: large wedding obviously means a bigger budget, money management if one of the trickiest part of big size wedding. Choose the big wedding size only if you can afford to pay a big amount of money.

Lack of personal touch: Some time because of the size of the wedding you actually find it difficult to provide personal attention of every one.  

Difficult to manage: they are really difficult to manage, you will be experiencing a few clashes between the guests and you will be required to have good communication before you do that.

Crazy experience: big weddings are difficult to manage and they are a costly business but definitely provide the bigger than life experience, and your friends and family member will be happy with your decision of inviting everyone.

Weddings are one in a lifetime experience for many people and you need to treat them like one as well, don’t worry much about the money and privacy, try to celebrate with everyone you know.

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