nervous bride

Advice for the bride that is anxious that things won’t go smoothly

Any advice for the bride? When that well awaited day arrives, that’s what everyone asks. It’s usually a dream for most little girls and big girls to have that beautiful wedding. And beautiful is relative to everyone. But the thing that remains constant are that everyone wants to be at their best, feel like a princess and everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect without any hitch.

Every bride-to-be feels the pressure. The pressure to impress. The pressure to make sure the day is a success. No wonder people run off for the honeymoon and leave guests at the venue the minute it’s done. So how can you ensure that your big day is a success?

Tips for the bride-to-be

Most important advice for the bride? Don’t allow the groom to hold his bucks night the eve of the wedding.

buck's nightYou might be asking, who would do this? I know quite a number of men who are that crazy. Now if the groom does this, they end up looking all puffy and some even dose through the whole wedding or miss the whole thing altogether!

Communicate with the guests early enough about the location

It’s good to make sure that the people you have invited for the wedding know where its taking place. And the best way to do this is through the invitation cards. Make sure that your card has the address written. It also pays to have a map to the venue from say a particular landmark that’s near the venue.

Read your vows off a card if worried you’ll stumble through it

bride reading vows

Weddings can be quite emotional. So one advice for the bride is to have a card for the vows. Sometimes emotions can carry away those words you have been cramming for months. So have your written vows with you just in case.


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